Operation Round-Up®

A Community Assistance Program

How does Operation Round Up® work?

"Small change that changes lives," is the foundation that ORU is built upon. ORU gathers voluntary contributions from LEC members enrolled in the program. These members have authorized the Cooperative to "round up" their monthly electric bill to the next dollar. For example, if your bill is $68.54 and you are enrolled in ORU, it is rounded up to $69.00 and the extra 46 cents is contributed to the ORU fund. All administrative costs are absorbed by the Cooperative.

How much can I expect to contribute each year?

The amount "rounded up" on each participating member's bill averages a total of $6 per year. The monthly billing statement shows how much is being donated to ORU each month, along with a year-end statement. The amount contributed to ORU is tax deductible as tax laws permit.

Who benefits from Operation Round Up®?

Low-income families, individuals and senior citizens who qualify for assistance through designated social service agencies can benefit from the program

How are the Operation Round Up® funds distributed?

Winter heating assistance grants are paid by distributing ORU funds through LEC's in-house energy assistance program.

How do I sign up to donate to Operation Round Up®?

Check the 'Please enroll me in Operation Roundup' box on your electric bill.

In your SmartHub account, navigate to 'Billing & Payments' > 'Operation Round Up', then click the 'Enroll' button. Once the pop-up appears, click 'Accept' to complete enrollment.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 406-889-3301 and a customer service representative will enroll you in the program.