Pay As You Go Program

LEC's Pay As You Go program offers significant benefits for many of our members. This program allows members to pay in advance of their use, rather than accumulate a debit balance that is billed after the end of the month.

To sign up for this service, your current LEC account must have a zero balance. You will also need to start with a minimum credit balance of $50.00 on your Pay As You Go account. Each day your account balance will be debited for the system maintenance charge. Also debited daily is your charge for the number of kWh's used. These amounts are based on the current effective rates as shown on our LEC Rates page.

You will be notified any time your account balance is below $50.00. On the day your balance reaches zero, your service will be automatically disconnected if a payment has not been received by 10:00 am. To reconnect, you must pay the outstanding balance, plus a minimum of $30.00 for future energy use.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions or to sign up for this program. You may also fill out the attached form and bring to our office at 312 Osloski Road, Eureka or mail to LEC Billing, PO Box 628, Eureka, MT 59917.

*Currently LEC does not perform disconnects on Thursdays, Fridays, weekends or holidays. If your balance reaches a zero balance on one of those days, you will have until 10:00 am on the next scheduled disconnect day to make a payment and avoid disconnect.