Propane Appliance Rebate Program*

In October 2023, Lincoln Electric will see a large wholesale power increase from Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). This will especially impact the electricity we use above the amount allotted to us in our contract with BPA. One component of the wholesale power bill that continues to rise is the demand charge. Although we add a $2.50 per kilowatt demand charge on our residential bills, the amount we are charged by BPA far exceeds that amount. The wholesale demand charge also increases during the winter months when our demand is at its peak.

To help keep our wholesale power bill in check, we would like to encourage our members to consider propane when choosing new or replacement appliances. Propane is an extremely efficient and readily available fuel. The biggest benefit to Lincoln Electric and our members, however, is how low the electric demand is for propane appliances. A transition to more propane appliances could greatly impact the demand we are billed by BPA. For example, replacing just one electric furnace with a maximum rating of 15 kW could shave nearly $170 off our wholesale power bill just for the month of December. Annually, that could be as much as $800. Multiply that by 100 furnaces and you begin to see the incredible effect demand has on our power costs.

As additional encouragement to consider propane alternatives, we are now offering rebates to members who install propane appliances. Rebates are applicable only for new residential appliances to either replace an existing electric appliance or install in new construction. The applicant must be an active member of Lincoln Electric and the appliance must be installed in a home or accessory building with an active Lincoln Electric service. To apply for the rebate, please return your completely filled out rebate application form, including the installer and safety inspection portions, and provide proof of appliance purchase within the previous 12 months. For more details, please see the attached application.

*Program subject to change at any time at Lincoln Electric Cooperative, Inc.'s discretion without notice.

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