Disconnect Service

If you wish to disconnect from an existing electrical service, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will need to create and send you a disconnect authorization form specific for your location. This form will need to be signed by the disconnecting member to indicate they understand the provisions of LEC's idle service policy as outlined below. If you are disconnecting from a rental property or have sold your home, please refer to Transfer Service.

The idle service policy pertains to any service that a member requests be disconnected. After a signed disconnect authorization form is received, LEC simply changes the status on your account from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive’ for the appropriate location. We then monitor the meter for any usage. If there is usage while the service is inactive, the meter is then physically de-energized. After twelve (12) months of a service being in inactive status, LEC will send a certified, return receipt options letter to the current landowner. If the landowner is the same as the person that requested service be disconnected, they will have two options for the service.

The first is to restore the service to active status by back-paying the basic monthly charges for the amount of time the service was inactive. If the meter had to be de-energized by the crew for unauthorized usage, the landowner would also be responsible for paying any usage charges, plus a reconnect fee. This fee is currently $100.00, but is subject to change with rate changes.

The second option is for the landowner to have the service retired. Retiring a service may include removal of all facilities exclusive to the service, including, but not limited to, the transformer, meter loop, pole, wire, etc. Once a service is retired, any request for that service to be restored in the same or similar location will only be done after the landowner follows the new service process as outlined in LEC’s Line Extension Policy 302 and submits payment for 100% of the installation costs.

Line Retention Option

An option to consider instead of disconnecting is to put the service on Line Retention. This means LEC’s facilities will remain in place for future use, but the service will be de-energized. This type of service agreement bears a lesser basic monthly charge than an active service. Line Retention is currently billed at 75% of the system maintenance charge for the applicable service type (see LEC Rates).  At the time you request the line retention service to be re-energized for use, there would be a reconnect fee assessed. This fee is currently $100.00 but is subject to change with rate changes.

The Line Retention option is intended as a long term solution for a service the landowner wants to retain for future use but is not currently using. Therefore, it must remain on line retention status for at least twelve (12) months. If you request it be re-energized before this amount of time has elapsed, LEC will assess the reconnect fee, plus the difference between the Line Retention charge and the standard basic monthly charge for the months the service was on line retention.